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The Positive Change Push – creating positive change for people with disability

In May this year, we launched our new brand identity to help us stand out and convey our commitment to creating positive change for people with disability.  

A key aspect of the launch was the creation of a new social impact initiative, The Positive Change Push.   

The Positive Change Push enables our team members to extend their impact and reach beyond their day-to-day work and fund activities that drive more inclusion in our communities and change how people think about people with disability.   

Team Leader/Occupational Therapist, Morgan led a Positive Change Push initiative for our Northern Melbourne team. On what the initiative means to her and her team, Morgan said, ‘We’re excited about the Positive Change Push because it’s giving our participants the opportunity and confidence to engage in a mainstream community group – No Lights, No Lycra. We want to encourage participants to join the groups that interest them rather than attending activities that are ‘disability specific’. By building the capacity of mainstream organisations, it will make participation more accessible not just for our participants but the wider community.’ 

The Positive Change Push enables our team members to connect to the organisation’s vision and purpose truly.  We’re proud that our teams across Australia have embraced the initiative – changing the game is in our DNA.  

We look forward to sharing more about the positive impact our teams drive within their communities. 

Read about some of our other Positive Change Push initiatives across the country:

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