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Positive Change Push: Sutherland Creates Positive Change

Our social impact initiative, Positive Change Push, empowers our team members to extend their impact and fund activities that promote inclusivity in our communities.   

Our Sutherland change makers created a book titled ‘Patience is Power’ to help educate children about disabilities and to highlight the importance of giving compassion and patience to others.  

They engaged one of their very talented participants, Michael, to illustrate the book, something he had expressed was a dream of his. 

The team worked together to develop the narrative, and while it involved early mornings and plenty of coffee runs, it was an amazing bonding experience, and something each Sutherland change maker was super proud of. 

Team Leader and Project Lead Mikaela read the book to pre-school children, which she described as a wonderful experience, with the kids being intrigued by the message and the illustrations.  

It’s an honour to be part of this project… my family and I are forever grateful for the opportunity and trust Everyday Independence have in me to bring my vision to life.

Michael – Participant

Michael came to the Everyday Independence hub each week to work on illustrations – giving him his first paid job! In the About the Author section on the back cover, he noted that as a person who went through school lacking confidence, he wished there was a book for his peers about what having a disability can look like.  

Michael said he felt honoured to be part of this project and that he and his family are forever grateful for the opportunity and trust Everyday Independence had in him to bring his vision to life. 

We’re exceptionally proud of our Sutherland change makers, for teaching kids that Patience is Power and empowering Michael to follow his passion and create something he’s proud of!  

Read more about our other Positive Change Push community initiatives. We look forward to sharing more about the positive impact our teams drive within their communities. 

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