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Here you’ll find our privacy, and complaints and grievances policies, both of which can be viewed and downloaded.

Privacy Policy

At Everyday Independence, we’re committed to protecting your privacy and providing a secure online experience.

This privacy policy informs:

  • What information we can collect, and how we collect it
  • How we store and protect personal and health information
  • How you can find out what information we hold and correct it if it’s wrong
  • How we can use and disclose information
  • How you can complain if you think there’s been a privacy breach
  • How to obtain valid consent.
Privacy Policy
PDF 169.5kb downlaod

Complaints and Grievances

Everyday Independence is committed to the rights of all participants, clients, team members, and organisations we work with, to provide feedback about any aspect of our operations or administration, and for any feedback in the form of a complaint to be handled with fairness.

Everyday Independence encourages an organisational culture of actively seeking customer feedback to strengthen public confidence, better inform planning and continually improve programs and services.

This policy informs:

  • How feedback and complaints are managed
  • Responsibilities of Everyday Independence’s management, team members and contractors
  • How responses and reports are handled.
Everyday Independence Complaints and Grievance policy
PDF 156.7kb downlaod
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