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Our Approach

The Everyday Way is all about making sure your NDIS funded therapy delivers the most positive impact on your quality of life.

We Look at Your Whole Life

To help you achieve lasting change, our team of practitioners with diverse training and life perspectives look at your whole life from different angles. This ensures the right therapy team and support strategies are planned and delivered. We do this by undertaking:


Initial Assessment

A disability practitioner or other health professional works with you to understand your participation and support needs across all aspects of your life and functioning. Our early childhood key workers conduct the functional assessment for children younger than nine.


Focussed Assessments

Once we’ve gathered initial information about what’s important to you and where you want to go, you may need additional assessments to develop specific strategies. For example across occupational, speech or physiotherapies, assistive technologies, and/or social interventions. For early childhood supports, a key worker conducts any additional assessment(s), drawing on the team for additional support as needed.


Therapy Plan

We can either develop a one, two or three year therapy plan. This roadmap outlines the best mix of practitioners (including a habit coach) and therapy supports needed to set you on a pathway towards positive change. If your child and family is receiving early childhood supports, a key worker will develop a child and family support plan.

We Measure your Quality of Life

We provide an evidence-based measurement that tracks the outcomes of your NDIS therapy services across independence, wellbeing, participation and supports. This ensures that your therapy is delivering the changes you expect.


Doing what you want, when you want, without having to rely on others.


How you feel about yourself and your future – your sense of freedom to be yourself and be accepted by those around you.


How involved you are in the everyday life of your local community – from education, sport, employment, social activities and so on.


Bridging the gap between what you can do and what you want to do is critical to achieving your outcomes, faster.

We Report on Changes to your Quality of Life

You’ll let us know when you want us to measure your progress, but we typically do this at the mid-point of the therapy cycle and again at the end with an outcome review.

We Tailor the Right Team Around You

Nearly all participants require a variety of therapies to help realise life goals. Thanks to the in-depth insights gained we can tailor the right team to deliver targeted therapy and support.

Your team may include occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, behaviour support practitioners, early childhood key workers, disability practitioners, and habit coaches.

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