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Everyday Life Stories

We’re all about creating positive change so that participants and their families can achieve more independence, participation and wellbeing.

Every person’s journey is different, but our basic goals are always the same – to support people to become as independent as possible, participate in everyday community life, and experience wellbeing. Read about how people have achieved more than they thought possible with the right supports and team around them.

Key Worker Model Supports Cody to Kick Goals

Cody is a seven-year-old who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His aim was to improve communication, express ...

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Noah’s Life Changing Journey to Everyday Living

Noah, an eight-year-old with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia and thoracic neuroblastoma, aimed to increase his ...

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Celebrating Mobility, Independence and World Physiotherapy Day

Rian, a Physiotherapist at Everyday Independence shares a story on the journey of a participant who can now ...

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Caleb Makes Fitness Fun with Physiotherapy

Meet Caleb, an 8-year-old who has achieved many positive outcomes working with Rian, a Physiotherapist at Everyday ...

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Christian’s Swinging Triumph 

Meet Christian, he is 7 years old and began working with Everyday Independence in February 2022 with Key Worker, Sinead.

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Therapy Support from all Angles

In January 2022, the happy, sociable young Emily began her therapy journey with Everyday Independence. Emily loves ...

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Blowing Bubbles and Breaking Through Barriers

Read how early childhood supports helped Scarlett and her mum to reduce Scarlett's use of challenging behaviours ...

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Deanna Discovers a Passion

Meet the resilient Deanna, who, with the support of her Everyday Independence therapy team has reduced the use of ...

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Mikhail’s True Talents Shine

Mikhail is a truly creative soul. He has a passion for all things design, but what he loves most is organising ...

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Eden Finds Her Voice

Early childhood services help Eden overcome limitations with her communication, reduce frustration and regulate her ...

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Sarah and John Reunite for a Bright Future

Sarah and John reunite and secure long-term social housing with Everyday Independence early childhood supports.

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Colin Builds Language to Express Himself

Colin is supported with speech pathology and positive behaviour support to improve his vocabulary to express ...

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