The Everyday Magic program is our social initiative which enables us to enrich the lives of the people we support.

Through the program, our therapists have the discretion to purchase items for a person they support which can positively impact their lives, which are not funded under the NDIS.

Below, we share some of the Everyday Magic stories.

Tarus’ garden grows

Tarus had always wanted to grow his own vegetables and now has his own vegetable garden bed at a local community garden.

Monica enjoys a daily coffee

Monique can now make herself a cup of coffee in the morning using a new Bialetti, which helps her to develop her fine motor skills.

Ryan’s ride

Ryan was not enjoying the 45-minute bus ride to and from school each day. Through the program, we were able to help the family with the co-payment on a tandem bike.

Joanne starts boxing

Through the Everyday Magic program, Joanne now has boxing gloves and pads to build her fitness in between therapy sessions.

Inflatable World fun

Through the Everyday Magic program, Zoe and her family can attend Inflatable World more often to work on Zoe’s gross motor skills, in a fun way.

Denver’s hammock

Denver now has his own fun space outdoors where he can relax and self regulate.