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Group Programs

Take part in positive experiences with peers your age, in a supportive and interactive group environment.

Group programs are offered alongside one-on-one therapy when peer interaction is important for children and adults’ skills development or when parents need strategies to support their child’s language development.

Everyday Independence uses approaches that best develop children and teenagers’ language and social skills. Our group programs are a great option when interaction with peers is the key to learning. Ask your key worker or practitioner if group programs are offered in your area and if they’re right for you.

Building Connections

Online groups run by occupational therapists and speech pathologists for children and teenagers aged between seven and 15 years. Interact with three to six peers of similar age and ability to learn and practise new social skills needed to make friends and participate more in everyday life.

LEGO Social Skills Group

Interactive groups of between three to six children aged from seven and 10 years. Enjoy structured play with LEGO to learn and practise new social skills needed to develop positive peer relationships.

It Takes Two to Talk

Online or face-to-face groups where experienced speech pathologists teach parents of children aged up to six years practical strategies for accelerating language development.

More than Words

Online or face-to-face groups where experienced speech pathologists teach parents of autistic children or those with language delay aged up to six years, practical strategies for accelerating language development.

Your Group Program Outcomes may Include

  • Learning new skills and ways of doing things to achieve your outcomes
  • Making new friends with peers your own age who are also working to achieve similar outcomes.
  • Increasing confidence once you start making progress towards your goals
  • Improving everyday routines.

A Team Approach for Positive Change

Occupational Therapy



Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology

Positive behaviour support

Positive Behaviour Support

Early childhood intervention

Early Childhood Supports

Habit Coach

Key Worker Model Supports Cody to Kick Goals

Cody is a seven-year-old who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His aim was to improve communication, express himself better, be more active with making friends as well as improve his writing, drawing and everyday activities.

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Noah’s Life Changing Journey to Everyday Living

Noah, an eight-year-old with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia and thoracic neuroblastoma, aimed to increase his participation in everyday activities, such as school and outdoor activities.

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Celebrating Mobility, Independence and World Physiotherapy Day

Rian, a Physiotherapist at Everyday Independence shares a story on the journey of a participant who can now celebrate mobility and independence at home.

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