Occupational therapy supports you to do the things you want to do in your daily life. We work with you to find ways for you to do tasks more easily and build your independence. We can also support your family members or others in your support network with the tools or skills they need to assist you with your activities. This can include activities at home with cooking, self-care, enjoying time with friends and family, getting out and about, driving, and participating in study or work.

Your Everyday Independence occupational therapist will begin by assessing what you can do at the moment and discovering what your potential could be if you have the right supports. We can then work with you to set your goals of what is important to you and break those goals down into manageable steps to achieve over time.

What does an occupational therapist do?

Depending on your goals and your unique situation your occupational therapist will work with you on a range of therapy initiatives that will support you to do things more easily and safely. These could include:

  • Prescribing devices to help you do the activities you want and need. We will make sure you can use the device in the best way to meet your needs.
  • Recommending changes to your environment, such as your home or workplace to allow you to increase the activities you can do independently or make it easier for people to assist you.
  • Developing a profile of your abilities and areas where you need assistance to put together a “support plan” for the people who assist you. This will include how you need to be assisted when and where; and making sure that you have the opportunity to give things a go, have your say and be involved.
  • Devising a program to improve a specific ability or skill including being more independent, like using public transport or managing your own behaviour so you can better interact with others.
  • Working alongside other professionals including speech pathologists and physiotherapists to provide support that meets your needs or those of a family member.

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