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NDIS Assessments: Functional Capacity vs Occupational Therapy

When it comes to choosing the right assessment for your needs, it can be overwhelming with so many options available. In this article, we compare two of the most requested assessments: the NDIS Occupational Therapy Assessment and the NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment.  

By understanding their differences, you can make an informed decision that suits your specific requirements. 

How is an occupational therapy assessment different from a functional capacity assessment?

NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment 

A functional capacity assessment (FCA) is a thorough assessment of your abilities and needs across various aspects of everyday life.  The FCA is completed by one of our occupational therapists and addresses communication, mobility, self-care, social participation, learning and working.  

At the end of an FCA, you’ll receive a detailed report that outlines the necessary supports for an enhanced quality of life.  

An FCA doesn’t include the preparation of a therapy plan or delivery of therapy services.  If you’re looking for therapy services, we’d love to continue working together by creating a tailored therapy plan and delivering therapy based on the findings of your assessment.  

NDIS Occupational Therapy Assessment 

An occupational therapy (OT) assessment is included in our occupational therapy service and our team therapy approach. Focused on the specific outcomes that you want to achieve, for example, being able to use public transport independently or finding a paid job, it doesn’t cover the whole range of life tasks that an FCA does.  

Following the OT assessment, your therapy team will deliver therapies to support you in achieving your goals. Instead of allocating funds towards an assessment report, your funds are used to develop a clear, actionable plan for achieving your goals.  When you’ve completed your therapy with us, you’ll receive a report as part of your services, which measures the outcomes you have accomplished. 

It’s important to note that undergoing both a functional capacity assessment and an occupational therapy assessment is unnecessary duplication. Should you choose to continue your therapy with us, we will utilize the information gathered from the FCA assessment to formulate a targeted therapy plan without reevaluating areas already assessed during the FCA process. 

Unsure if you need a functional capacity assessment?

If you’re unsure about whether you need a functional capacity assessment, here are some specific examples of situations in which it may be beneficial: 

  • If your NDIA plan includes a stated requirement for an FCA 
  • If you have never undergone a comprehensive assessment of your level of participation and support across all areas of life, and would like a detailed overview of your functioning 
  • If your current level of support, both funded and non-funded, is no longer meeting your disability-related needs 
  • If you receive up to six hours of funded daily support but believe that a more tailored, directed, and intentional approach would greatly enhance your quality of life 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1300 179 131 if you have any questions about functional assessments or would like to discuss your individual circumstances further. Our team is here to assist you. 

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