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Tarus’ Garden Grows

Tarus has always wanted his own vegetable garden and to make friends with others who love gardening.  However, living in a large SDA , Tarus cannot have his own veggie garden at home.

Izabel, Tarus’ occupational therapist, supported him to find a local community garden with raised garden beds, close to public transport.

The community garden provides a wonderful opportunity for Tarus to further develop his horticultural skills in a supportive environment, access fresh fruit and vegetables and socialise with new people who share his interests. He is surrounded by lovely people excited to share their expertise with him.

While Tarus has only recently started at the community garden, his love of horticulture and enthusiasm for gardening is evident. He has already prepared his garden beds with fertiliser and has planted tomatoes, zucchini, capsicum and a range of herbs, with more in the planning.

Tarus’ therapy support will now focus on ensuring he has the right supports in place to get the most out of his time there.

We are pleased to see Tarus enjoying his time at the community garden and look forward to an update on how his zucchini and tomatoes are growing.

The Everyday Magic program is our social initiative which enables a therapist to purchase items that can positively impact a person’s life.

Thanks Tarus for sharing your story.

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