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Everyday Magic

A Sprinkle of Creativity and a Custom Made Monkey

Key Worker Sophia has provided Ben and his family with early childhood supports (early childhood intervention) for eight months. Ben just turned seven and has ADHD/ADD. Ben needed some support with staying calm, patience, pragmatic skills and emotional regulation. 

Sophia noticed that Ben is a budding artist and adores getting creative. She knew he would have a greater opportunity to reach his goals if she could integrate art and creativity into his therapy journey. 

Ben enthusiastically got to work on the project; he drew the sketch, named him Monkoo and decided on some superpowers that Monkoo would have to help him achieve his goals. 

While Monkoo was on his way to Ben’s house, Ben had to exercise a lot of patience. While apart, they wrote letters and developed a very close relationship. 

Cue Everyday Magic – our program which enables practitioners to purchase low-cost items for their participants that will positively impact their lives. Sophia found a company called Buddsies, which designs custom stuffed animals. She asked Ben if he’d be interested in designing his own toy to help him achieve his therapy goals – he was ecstatic! 

Monkoo finally arrived at Ben’s house – he was over the moon! A calm and considerate monkey with great listening skills – so much so that Ben says; 

He can hear over the mountains!


Monkoo is Ben’s most treasured possession. 

While creating and waiting for Monkoo, Ben has made great strides in being patient, keeping calm and listening to others. 

Next on the agenda for Ben is working on his pragmatic language skills, and Speech Pathologist Jennifer has come on board to support Ben in continuing to smash his goals! 

*Ben is an alias for our participant and was de-identified at the family’s request.

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