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Deanna Discovers a Passion

Meet Deanna, a resilient superstar who successfully navigated COVID-19 with the support of staff wearing face masks, even though lip reading is her primary way of understanding others.

Deanna has intellectual and hearing disabilities and lives in specialised accommodation. 14 months ago, Deanna’s support team engaged Everyday Independence for positive behaviour support as Deanna showed some challenging behaviours.  

Everyday Independence Behaviour Support Practitioner Kaitlyn worked with Deanna’s support team to understand why she was demonstrating challenging behaviours. Together, they determined that Deanna needed to increase her social engagement and stimulation. The team found Deanna was most happy and content when spending time with the resident cat at her home so Kaitlyn felt that an initiative involving animals was the way to go.

Kaitlyn and the support team encouraged Deanna to attend a local animal rescue shelter, where she could cuddle and comfort cats waiting for adoption. She takes photos at the shelter and uses these as a positive talking points with her support team.

After regular visits to the animal shelter everyone started to notice improvements in Deanna’s quality of life. She had more positive relationships with those around her, and her challenging behaviours were less frequent.

Next Deanna will work with an Everyday Independence Habit Coach to expand her activities to find more enjoyment in everyday life. The habit coach will also work with Deanna and her support team to upskill in key word signs so that she can better communicate.

Deanna is excited to use her iPad more independently to continue photographing cats and build positive relationships with her family by face-timing them.

On the journey supporting Deanna, Kaitlyn says:

The Everyday Way focus on capacity building with Deanna’s support workers involved was a game changer. It was all about finding appropriate and enjoyable activities for her to engage in, and for her to be able to communicate with her support team about these activities.

Behaviour Support Practitioner, Kaitlyn

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