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Everyday Life Stories

David’s Improved Quality of Life

61-year-old David is all about fishing, gardening, his veggie garden and beloved pet birds. He wanted to find accommodation that ticked off his boxes and most of all, he wanted to participate in activities that made him happy.  

Megan, his Everyday Independence behaviour support therapist, has been by David’s side for the past year. When they first teamed up, David showed numerous behaviours of concern that needed work.  

Megan worked on some training and capacity building with David’s disability support team, as one behaviour of concern was hugging or touching the shoulders of his support workers without their consent. David’s support team learnt how to handle these behaviours by turning them into something more friendly and appropriate, like a high-five.  

Over David’s journey with Everyday Independence, he’s made some game-changing progress and no longer demonstrates two of the three behaviours of concern.  

He received one-on-one support and has since been much more active in the community—explicitly enjoying more fishing, to his delight!  

I’m so proud of David and the progress he’s made. It’s been wonderful to see such an increase in quality of life. 

Behaviour Support Practitioner – Megan

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