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Supporting Jackson Through a Challenging Time

Eighteen-year-old Jackson and his mother, Bethany, urgently needed support to navigate a challenging situation. Jackson, who has ASD and ADHD, was using drugs and alcohol, and was also facing an assault charge after a misunderstanding escalated. Due to this, he was asked to leave school and couldn’t complete Year 12.

The stress of an upcoming court hearing severely impacted Jackson’s mental health. He wasn’t getting out of bed, neglected taking his medication, and felt lost about his future. Bethany was also feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to seek help. After being put on waitlists with other local support services, Jackson’s support coordinator linked him with Everyday Independence for Positive Behaviour Support.

Within a week, Behaviour Support Practitioner, Lazarus, paid them a visit at home. Bethany explained her main focus was to help Jackson reduce his challenging behaviours, improve his mental well-being and address his emotional requirements, which had increased substantially. Together with Jackson, Bethany also wanted to explore options for his reentry into education, so he would have more options in the future.

Once Lazarus understood the family’s support needs, he developed a behaviour support plan. With a background in mental health, and an understanding of the legal aspects of attending court, Lazarus was able to guide the family on preparing necessary letters of recommendation and reports required. His dedication and support helped Jackson feel comfortable to open up and communicate more with Lazarus. This enabled Lazarus to introduce the idea of Jackson incorporating more exercise and hobbies he enjoyed into his day for stress reduction and relaxation. Lazarus gave Jackson the tools and resources to better manage his emotions and communicate how he’s feeling, which substantially improved his interactions with his family. Lazarus then worked closely with Jackson and Bethany to identify suitable courses when Jackson decided not to finish Year 12 and attend TAFE instead.

Throughout this time, Lazarus worked with Jackson’s support network, particularly Bethany, to understand the reasons for Jackson’s behaviours of concern. Lazarus also helped Bethany understand changes she could make at home to maintain a calm environment for Jackson. With a better understanding of this, mum Bethany, and his support network are better equipped to reduce potential stressors in Jackson’s environment to better manage his wellbeing.

Over a period of 12 months, Lazarus was blown away with the changes Jackson had made to get things back on track, and the wonderful support his mum and family were providing him.

Jackson’s journey with Positive Behavior Support has been nothing short of transformative. Through his dedication and commitment to the PBS strategies, he has not only managed to overcome significant challenges but also turned his life around.

Lazarus, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Fast forward 12 months – with lots of hard work, Jackson was able to demonstrate to the Court the positive changes he had made in his life, avoiding a conviction.

Having overcome this challenge, and better equipped to manage his emotions, Jackson now looks ahead with fresh optimism. He’s focused on obtaining a qualification, maintaining his mental health and managing how he responds. His family are able to maintain an environment that helps Jackson improve his wellbeing, have comfort that he has a positive future ahead.

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