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Belief Fuels Desmond’s Journey to Walk Again

Desmond’s remarkable journey began after a 14-month hospital stay left him with severe critical myopathy, a condition weakening his muscle fibres and leaving him unable to walk.  

To help Desmond achieve his goals, he was supported by a physio-led therapy team. Upon meeting Cheng, an Everyday Independence Physiotherapist, Desmond’s lack of motivation and resignation of his situation were evident. Despite these challenges, it was clear that Desmond’s true desire was to live independently, pursue his passions for cooking and gaming, and reside in a supported living facility.  

Cheng, embodying one of Everyday Independence’s values – inspiring with belief, embarked on a mission to instill hope in Desmond.  Cheng prescribed exercises to the right level of difficulty and challenge to keep him motivated and able to reach achievable goals. Habit Coach, Caitlin was brought into Desmond’s therapy team to assist him with his exercises in between therapy sessions.  

Through tailored therapy sessions and exercises, the team has guided Desmond from standing to taking his first steps, culminating in a remarkable achievement – walking with the assistance of a rollator frame.   

Cheng’s unwavering belief in Desmond’s potential and determination proved that anything is possible with dedication and perseverance. Desmond’s success story is a testament to the power of belief and hard work. As Cheng aptly says,

I believed in Desmond from the beginning. It was rewarding to witness Desmond’s transformation – he defied all odds and walked again! 

Physiotherapist – Cheng

Desmond recently moved into supported living accommodation and is getting closer to his goal of living life more independently. His progress has lifted his spirits with a fresh optimism about his future, and the more immediate goal of walking unaided.  

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