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Key Worker Model Supports Arlo to Find His Voice

Meet two-year-old Arlo, whose journey with Everyday Independence began seven months ago when he accessed our early intervention services. He set his sights on looking to conquer some mobility and verbal challenges with goals including:  

  • Standing up and taking a few steps independently  
  • Walking while holding onto furniture  
  • Better understanding conversations  
  • Starting to form single words  
  • Learning gestures to support communication.  

Key Worker Lauren and Physiotherapist Stephanie worked together to guide Arlo through developmental milestones and support him to achieve his goals. Also there to cheer Arlo on and support him with practising new skills were his dedicated family and supporters from his daycare centre.  

Stephanie crafted a personalised exercise program for Arlo to follow, which supported him by walking along the couch, crawling, and sitting from a standing position. They engaged in walking exercises as part of their routine to accomplish daily activities, like going to the bathroom. 

Lauren got creative with Arlo, by singing songs and sharing stories. They’d have lots of fun practising the sounds of animals and transportation, and Arlo learnt new gestures to express himself. The goal was to expand Arlo’s vocabulary, and his family got involved with practising these new words too.  

Lauren was over the moon to report that in a recent session, Arlo was able to step over her leg to reach for his teddy, climb on the couch, and walk with handed support. He’s also been making more sounds and has extended his vocabulary. He babbles and attempts to use his voice much more than before commencing therapy.  

Arlo’s family frequently report new milestones and wins at home and daycare. They’re so proud of how far he’s come, and the positive change that has been created for not just Arlo, but for them too.  

What next for Arlo?

Occupational Therapist Mikala has now joined Arlo’s therapy team to support his sensory needs and explore new foods. They’re using slime and sand to familiarise Arlo with new textures and sensations.  

Arlo’s story demonstrates the effectiveness of the Everyday Way, emphasising that the most powerful way to drive positive change involves a collaborative, community-based approach to delivering therapy. 

Are you Ready to Achieve a Positive Life Change?  

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