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Positive Change Push: Southern Melbourne

Our social impact initiative, The Positive Change Push, empowers our team members to extend their impact and fund activities that promote inclusivity in our communities.

Our Southern Melbourne team brought the initiative to life with a radiating photography exhibition, inviting our clients to express their creativity through photos.

The event was a huge success, radiating positive energy for everyone involved – the Southern Melbourne team, participants, families, friends, and patrons. 

Patrons of photography exhibition top left and bottom. Top right hand corner Charlie, 1st prize winner.

Of the 33 entries, three standouts were voted as the winners, taking home the below prizes: 

  1. Charli , Instax Mini Polaroid Camera  
  2. Christoph, Voucher 
  3. Dhruv, Voucher  

You can check out Charli, Christoph, and Dhruv’s spectacular entries below. 

The initiative was planned by Occupational Therapist Chrystelle, who highlighted how the event served as a beautiful opportunity for self-expression and fulfilment. It brought family and friends together to share pride and joy.  

The impact of Positive Change Push not only extended to participants but also to others who attended the event. Some friends of entrants who also have disabilities embraced the opportunity to travel to a social event and support their friends.

Chrystelle – Occupational Therapist
1st Prize Winner – Charli

2nd Prize Winner – Christoph

3rd Prize Winner – Dhruv

We are truly proud of the success of this initiative and grateful for everyone’s involvement in making it happen. Together, we are creating positive change in our communities!

Read more about our other Positive Change Push community initiatives in Adelaide, Geelong, Launceston and Northern Perth.

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