Our early childhood intervention team works with families across Melbourne to reveal their child’s true abilities.

We believe great things can happen when children and their families have access to the right supports. We’ve put together a team of early childhood intervention professionals who work with your child,  family, and other important people in your child’s life to support their skill development,  wellbeing and participation.

Our Melbourne early childhood intervention team come to you and connect your child and family to services and supports to help them develop their everyday skills.

Our early childhood intervention services support children with a disability or developmental delay aged 0-6 years.

Our early intervention approach aims to help your child to learn and be more involved in activities through:

  • develop self-care skills such as getting dressed, feeding themselves, toileting
  • interacting with others and making friends
  • developing their communication skills
  • assistive technology and equipment to make tasks easier for your child.

We use approaches that are known to work and use your child’s interests, strengths, and everyday routines to build their skills and independence.  As parents, you’ll be supported so you can help your child to develop their skills in everyday life.

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How we deliver our early childhood intervention services

We deliver early childhood intervention services under a Key Worker approach.

Our Key Workers are highly trained occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, teachers and social workers, who have specific skills in supporting children and families.

A Key Worker will be matched with your family based on the unique needs of your child and family and your child’s goals. They will be your main point of contact for all your family’s needs. They’ll provide your child with therapy support and will work with you and other services to help your child’s development.  They will help you to navigate the NDIS system so you can support your child to get the best start in life.

How your Key Worker will support you

Your  Key Worker understands that you know your child best.  They will provide support and guidance that meets the needs of your child and the whole family.

Getting to know your child and family

Your Key Worker will:

  • get to know your child’s strengths, interests and routines
  • understand your family’s needs for support
  • develop a child and family support plan with you
  • arrange for joint visits and services from other professionals as required

Using everyday routines to deliver therapy support

Your Key Worker will:

  • help your child learn and develop using their everyday routine
  • provide therapy support at home and in the community
  • help you to support your child to be more involved in family and community life

Practice in between therapy sessions

Your Key Worker will:

  • support you to make a difference for your child in their everyday activities
  • suggest ideas and approaches that will lead to positive outcomes
  • build everyone’s skills and confidence to support your child to try new experiences and activities to help them to reach their goals

Reasons to be supported by our team

Everyday Independence has a team of early childhood intervention specialists who support children and families across Melbourne.


Your Key Worker will tap into support from a large team of Everyday Independence Key Workers to assist your child develop their skills.

We work with your child and family to achieve the goals that are important to you.

We'll deliver therapy services in the places your child spends their time - at home, kinder, school, park., and other places in the community.

We work with you and other important people in your child's life to build their skills to help your child achieve their goals.

Supporting you the Everyday Way

We provide a range of therapy services to build your skills and confidence to take on the world, your way. Your therapy package can include:

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