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NDIS Occupational Therapy in Melbourne

From getting ready for the day, using public transport, managing relationships, or finding employment, expect our team to build your skills and equip you to do the things you want, your way.

How Occupational Therapy Delivers More

Everyday Independence can provide occupational therapy to empower you in your daily activities, enhancing your independence, wellbeing and participation.

As an experienced NDIS provider, our highly trained occupational therapists deliver personalised, neurodiversity affirming therapy services where you spend your time. This can be your home, work, school or another place in the community in Melbourne.

We use evidence-based therapies proven to work to ensure that you get the most from your NDIS therapy budget.

We also want to see you achieve life changing outcomes. Our occupational therapists will do this by supporting you as part of a broader team that may include speech pathologists, physiotherapists, positive behaviour practitioners, and habit coaches. Because the best way to deliver positive change is to look at your whole life and engage a team of practitioners with the understanding and skills that are vital to helping you make the changes that matter to you.

We firmly believe that great things can happen when people have access to the right supports.

How Can Occupational Therapy Help You?

Occupational therapy can make your daily tasks easier. These could include cooking, taking care of yourself, spending time with loved ones, getting out and about, trying out a new hobby, finding a job, or starting a course. With Everyday Independence occupational therapy, we’re here to help you reach your goals!

  • Occupational assessments
  • Independent living
  • Assistive technology
  • Sensory profiling
  • Social skills
  • Learning support
  • Transitioning to school, work or another big life change
  • Home modifications
  • Safe and accessible environments
  • Wheeelchairs and seating
  • Employment
  • Behaviour support

We’re Ready to Get you Started

To get you started with occupational therapy, a Melbourne based disability practitioner or occupational therapist comes to your home to get to know you, your family and other members of your support team. They take a whole of life approach to set you on your pathway to positive change.

They help you understand how Everyday Independence will work with you and your support network, what services and support are available and build resources to help improve your participation and transparency across the process.

Not yet a NDIS participant? Visit our NDIS pages for information on getting your plan funded.

A Team Approach For Positive Change

We provide therapy services across Melbourne including:

Speech Pathology


Early Childhood Supports

Positive Behaviour Support

Habit Coaches

Where are we located?

We’ve got teams of therapists and practitioners based in therapy hubs across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. They all offer NDIS therapy services like occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, positive behaviour support, early childhood supports, and habit coaching. See all locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I come into a clinic for my sessions?

Our occupational therapists come to you in your community where you live, work, learn and play. The best way to build your skills is to work with you in your everyday environments while also helping to change community attitudes that may be holding you back. Clinics are simulated environments which don’t present the same barriers and challenges as real-life, everyday environments.

What happens during the initial occupational therapy sessions?

The first step is an initial assessment with a disability practitioner or occupational therapist to understand your participation and support needs across all aspects of your life. Your occupational therapist will look beyond limitations to focus on your goals and aspirations. They’ll look at the activities you do every day, alongside the challenges you face, the people who support you and the environment you live in.

Then they’ll create a one, two or three year therapy plan, which outlines the best mix of practitioners (including a habit coach) and strategies to help you achieve the breakthroughs required on your pathway towards positive change.

What happens after the initial sessions?

After the initial sessions you’ll then move into a regular rhythm of therapy overseen by your primary therapist plus a mix of other practitioners (eg. speech pathologist, physiotherapist, behaviour support practitioner, and habit coach) depending on the goals you set. You may have a burst of therapy sessions conducted by your occupational therapist, and then practice the routines and skills with a habit coach between therapy sessions.

Why choose Everyday Independence Occupational Therapy?

We have been supporting people with disabilities to live to their potential and enjoy everyday life for more than 20 years and have been an accredited NDIS therapy provider since 2013.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our occupational therapists are registered practitioners with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. They are also registered to work with vulnerable people, hold a valid Working with Children Check for the state they work in, and a police check.

Our therapists also undertake regular training to ensure they are up to date with best practice, evidence-based therapies, and the NDIS.

We are unique in our ability to support people at every life stage and during those important transition periods in a person’s life. Our team therapy approach means that if you need more than just occupational therapy, your therapist will work together with physiotherapists, speech pathologists, behaviour support practitioners, and habit coaches to provide you with the right support at the right time.

Where are you located?

We have therapy hubs across Melbourne with teams of professionals and therapists delivering more change than you imagined possible. See our locations here.

Do you provide NDIS functional assessments?

Everyday Independence offers a range of NDIS functional assessment reports that are detailed yet simple.

They are:

  • Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)
  • Home and Living Support Assessment (HLS)
  • Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA)

They cater to different situations and provide all the necessary details for the NDIS. Conducted by experienced occupational therapists, these assessments can help you apply for NDIS funding that aligns better with your goals and quality of life.

NDIS functional assessments measure your abilities to perform daily tasks in the places you live, work, and play, considering your well-being, independence, support needs, mobility, communication, self-management, learning, and self-care.



Depending on your goals and your unique situation your occupational therapist will work with you on a range of therapy initiatives to help you do things more easily and safely.

We’ll recommend devices to help you do the things you enjoy and need to do. We’ll make sure you know how to use the device effectively to meet your needs

We may suggest changes to your environment, like your home or workplace, to help you do more things on your own or to make it easier for others to support you

We’ll get to know your strengths and where you might need some help, so we can create a “support plan” for your caregivers. This plan will outline how and when you need assistance, while ensuring you have the chance to try things out, share your thoughts, and be involved.

We’ll create a program to enhance a specific skill, like becoming more independent by using public transport or managing your behavior to improve interactions with others.

We collaborate with other professionals such as speech pathologists and physiotherapists to provide tailored support for you or your family member.

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