Genni outside her apartment lifts

Genevieve,  or Genni is what her near and dear ones would call, a social butterfly. Like many her age, she finds joy in the social aspects of her life such as attending live music events, mingling with people in her community, and going away for weekends. She has lived with her parents her whole life – thirty five years, and while that support has been wonderful and what she has needed, she’s now ready for independence. She’s been working incredibly hard over the last fifteen months with Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist, Antoinette and her key support workers to build up her skills, and a plan to successfully live on her own.

Her determination to live autonomously set an amazing pace in her progression. The next step was for Antoinette and Genni’s key supporters to determine the kind of environment and level of support that would best promote her autonomy and independence. This included plenty of observation time with Genni at home and in the community to understand what was important to her, and how core therapy can work on building the skills that would enable her to spend more time independently. Different kinds of Assistive Technology (AT) were explored to ensure she is fully equipped for when she moves into her home. This legwork went into producing a detailed housing and support needs assessment and subsequent report that outlined Genni’s eligibility for a Specialist Disability Accommodation, which she was then approved for.

To the absolute thrill of Genni, Antoinette and Genevieve’s key supporters have found just the apartment for her in Norwest. They’re busy setting plans in motion to deck out her new home with Alexa and other great AT gadgets she’ll need. Now with only a matter of weeks until she moves in, Genevieve is beyond excited.

“Genni could not stop smiling during our tour of her new apartment.” Finally, a place she can call her own.

“I am so excited for Genni to move in, have all her AT available to her, and work with core therapy to support her, increase her independence, and be an active and contributing member of her community. Plus, can’t wait to get updates on all the amazing holidays/weekends she will go on, and all the fun events she will be a part of.” Antoinette, Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist.

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