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Emilee’s Energising Exchange

Twenty-one-year-old Emilee lives at home with her Mum, younger sister, and brother. Emilee is on the autism spectrum with co-occurring intellectual and functional difficulties and is working on regulating her emotions and becoming more independent, so she can move into a supported living home. 

Emilee started her therapy journey with Everyday Independence in late 2023, working with Behaviour Support Practitioner, Cait.

Emilee is social, determined, friendly, and a happy young adult who’s determined to take on the world. She enjoys meeting new people and getting creative, making candles, crafting, painting and soon filmmaking and film theory!

“She thinks big and is set on starting her own art business someday,” said Cait. 

Art Helps Emilee Overcome Separation Anxiety

Cait saw the strong bond between Emilee and her mum, with Emilee struggling with letting her mum leave the house. This sparked her therapy plan.

During one of their sessions, Emilee’s Mum needed to attend an interview, causing Emilee to get anxious. Cait set her plan into motion and suggested to Emillee that she transfer her emotional energy and feelings towards something positive, like a creative outlet…a painting!  

In Behaviour Support, this is called a FERB ‘Functional Equivalent Replacement Behaviour’- giving Emilee a positive vessel to express herself more fully. Painting can have a profound impact on individuals’ cognitive abilities and well-being. It encourages mental stimulation, sharpens focus, and fosters the development of creativity. In Emilee’s words, “Painting makes me feel good, feel happy.”  

Emilee and I work together and learn together. We make mistakes, but these are pure gold opportunities to learn and GROW together. Her smile, her laugh and love for life is inspiring and I am the lucky one to be collaborating and growing with Emilee. She is such a fun person to be around, and she has a heart of gold.

Cait – Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Emilee has made great progress in a brief time, and Cait has used Everyday Magic to buy Emilee a supply of paints, and brushes and put her creative talents to good use. Cait will also be providing Emilee with a visual routine chart, so she knows when Mum is going out and a visual timer, so she knows when Mum will be home. 

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