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Christian’s Swinging Triumph 

Meet Christian, a seven-year-old who’s been working with Everyday Independence key worker Sinead since 2022.

Christian has several serious health conditions that have affected his quality of life for as long as he can remember.

His goals were to play outside with friends just like the other children at school and to increase his social participation and interaction skills. Having spent so much time in the hospital, his family felt his independence and sharing skills needed to level up – another prospect that he was excited about!

Sinead knew the best approach would be to introduce physiotherapist, Lucreesha, and occupational therapist, Yolander, to the team to help achieve these goals!

The team started with simple and fun activities to build Christian’s strength and stamina, such as incorporating his favourite game, Zombie Says (like Simon Says) to practice jumping, hopping, and other movement-based actions. He was also shown how to play on his climbing equipment at home.

He then began to work on his social skills and independence by playing with his sister and practising negotiation, as well as learning to unpack his school bag at the end of each day.

Sinead then introduced a habit coach to Christian’s therapy team.  His habit coach visited him every fortnight and practised fine motor, social and independence activities.

With regular practice and support, Christian has come a long way – he can now ride his scooter and loves the playground, especially the monkey bars. His overall gross motor skills have improved greatly, and his endurance is getting a lot better too! He is now able to sit at a desk in school for extended periods, which brings a big smile to his face.

When asked about her time with Christian, Sinead said;

Christian is full of character, with a fantastic sense of humour. Our sessions are full of fun, and I am so proud to see Christian achieve his goals!

Sinead – Key Worker

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