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Therapy Support from all Angles

In January 2022, the happy, sociable young Emily began her therapy journey with Everyday Independence. Emily loves unicorns, princesses, castles and playing games.   

Emily is five years old and needed some support due to her diagnosis of Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS IV A) – a rare disease that means she doesn’t have enough enzyme to break down sugar molecules. It also impacts Emily’s skeletal structure, which in turn, impacts her independence and participation in the community.  

The therapy team comes together 

To support Emily in achieving her goals, a therapy team consisting of Key Worker Stephanie, Occupational Therapist Amelia, Physiotherapist Sara and Habit Coach Aminah was established. Each practitioner was able to offer unique guidance and expertise, all with the shared objective of supporting Emily to break down barriers and increase her participation in the community.  

A key goal for Emily was to complete her toileting routine independently. Occupational Therapist Amelia supported Emily with this goal and created a clear step-by-step process for Emily to follow, communicating in a way that best suited her. 

Another goal of Emily’s was to improve her fine and gross motor skills, so that she could independently complete daily tasks and increase her participation at school. Key Worker Stephanie observed Emily at home and identified that she was finding getting dressed for school challenging. To tackle this, Stephanie created a visual story board that clearly demonstrated everything that Emily needed to do when dressing for school. Through a creative, engaging and colourful storyboard, Emily no longer finds tasks like putting on her socks a major challenge.  

To further support Emily with her gross motor skills, Physiotherapist Sara created an exercise plan, integrating activities such as using a balance cushion and yoga ball. Stephanie implemented the exercise plan with Emily and used a reward chart for when she completed her exercise tasks. She also upskilled Emily’s family to use Emily’s reward chart and encourage her when she achieved the tasks listed.  

Habit Coach Aminah’s supported Emily with practicing her fine motor skills, integrating activities that were of interest to her, like using hair clips and cutting pictures of castles. By basing these activities on tasks that Emily enjoys meant that she was more engaged and excited when practicing her daily routine.  

Pride in progress 

Emily’s family are so proud of the progress she’s made! She’s shown so much growth in all aspects of her life, tackles tasks independently and is much happier playing with her peers at school.  

On Emily’s journey, Key Worker Stephanie said,  

Every time Emily accomplishes something new, she has the biggest smile on her face. Emily achieved major outcomes sooner than expected, and I’m so motivated to continue championing her to overcome challenges and be the best version of herself!

Stephanie – Key Worker

Shout out to Emily’s therapy team, her family, and to the determined little girl herself – Emily, we can’t wait to learn more about your growth, therapy journey and the hurdles you overcome!  

*At the request of this participant’s family, Emily is a substitute name.  

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