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Noah’s Life Changing Journey to Everyday Living

Noah, an eight-year-old with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia and thoracic neuroblastoma, aimed to increase his participation in everyday activities, such as school and outdoor activities.

With the assistance of his family and the Everyday Independence team, Noah has made significant progress. His team included Key Worker/Occupational Therapist Amelia, Speech Pathologist Jennifer, and Habit Coach Laura, who have played a crucial role in his journey since he started with Everyday Independence in 2020.

A Team-Based, Community Approach to Positive Life Change

Noah’s family was essential in his therapy journey, and the therapy team provided services in different environments, including his home, local playgrounds, and play centres. This community-based approach was perfect for enhancing Noah’s skills and self-assurance in his familiar environments.

Jennifer, the Speech Pathologist, helped Noah develop his language skills by cooking his favourite foods at home.

Amelia, his Key Worker, supported him in improving his social skills through visits to the playground, play centre, and participation in a LEGO Group Program.

His Habit Coach, Laura, helped him improve his fine motor skills by practicing tying shoelaces.

Noah and his family are a fantastic example of how a family-centred approach makes a difference to participant outcomes and achieving their goals

Amelia Misic – Key Worker/Occupational Therapist

Fast forward and Noah’s progress has amazed everyone in his entire support network. He’s playing soccer, chatting to friends, confidently participating in classroom activities and most impressively, he no longer needs therapy from Everyday Independence. His family has truly embraced and supported his journey to success!

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