Our therapists are full of creative ideas that make therapy fun and engaging, especially when it comes to children!

Occupational Therapist Kristy certainly achieved this when she staged a dinosaur photoshoot at a recent therapy session.

Kirsty is supporting Max, a 7-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), to enable him to become more independent getting himself to bed at night and establishing good sleep routines.

So that Max can learn the steps to follow, Kristy prepared a night-time visual schedule using cartoon pictures and words. However, Max wasn’t overly interested in this. So she got creative and knowing that Max loves dinosaurs, she suggested they create a new visual schedule using photos of his toy dinosaurs showing each of the steps in his routine.

“This was the most engaged I’ve ever seen Max and he began choosing different dinosaurs for each activity.  He posed the dinosaurs and found this very funny,” said Kristy.

After the photoshoot, Max was so excited to show his mum, dad, and his older brother who all loved them too. Max is now much more engaged and interested in following his night-time routine. 

Understanding and incorporating a person’s interests into therapy sessions is just one of the ways our therapists deliver personalised therapy.

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