Susan is often described as creative, eccentric, lovely, and one to dream big. She finds passion in art, music, meditation, and Tai Chi. She also lives with a visual and hearing disability, and often feels stress and anxiety. These factors, however, have not prevented Susan from producing exceptional artwork – last year her scarecrow sculpture won 2nd prize in the Easter show! 

Susan’s goals were to become a participating member of the art community and accelerate her independence and sense of safety in her own home. Hoping that in turn, she could feel more comfortable and motivated to focus on her art and productivity.  

As a creative, naturally, Susan responds well to those who are creative in their therapy approach and weave in unconventional ideas. With the assistance of Rudo, Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist, a music therapist, an art therapist and a Coordinator of Support, Susan has been able to overcome many challenging barriers. Rudo worked with Susan to build up her skills in organisation, time management and stress management. She also encouraged Susan to attend local art events and immerse herself in the community.  

Susan decided she wanted to host her very own local art exhibition by the end of 2021. She hoped that in addition to being able to show case her artwork, the exhibition would give her opportunities to become more actively involved within the art community and build connections with those who share common interests. Rudo also assisted her with developing skills in online platforms to advertise her upcoming local exhibition. At home, they worked towards capacity building with the use of Assistive Technology equipment to make life a little easier.  

Rudo was astounded by Susan’s progress. By the end of 2021, she had an online platform to display and sell her artwork, and had achieved her most significant goal and dream of 40 years – hosting her own art exhibition. Not only did she manage to achieve this goal, but the exhibition was a remarkable success! She was able to connect with the broader art community and took immense pride in her accomplishment.  

We look forward to seeing Susan continue to grow with increased confidence and make meaningful connections with her fellow artists.  

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