March 23, 2021

As part of our commitment to supporting children to build their everyday skills and live to their full potential, we’re expanding our early childhood intervention services to include Educators.

Everyday Independence delivers early childhood intervention services to support children aged under seven years, who live with a disability or development delay, and their families. The support empowers families to meet their child’s developmental needs so they can participate in family and community life.

Early Childhood Educators are a natural fit to deliver our early childhood services as they have specialist skills and knowledge to assist young children’s learning and development.  Educators will work under a Key Worker model to understand the needs of children and families and support them to access information, services, and supports to meet their needs.

Tania Houghton, Early Childhood Intervention Lead said she was excited by the interest and depth of experience we had already received from Educators across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

“We are incredibly humbled to work with more than 1350 families across Australia who have young children with a disability or developmental delay.

We know there are families across Australia  who are waiting for early childhood intervention services. By bringing Educators to Everyday Independence, we can meet the full range of children’s  and families’ needs and accelerate the support we provide.” said Tania.

Everyday Independence is recruiting for Educators across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania and expects the first group of Educators will commence in late April.