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Enhancing Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plays an important role in bettering the lives and support given to people with disabilities and challenging behaviours. At Everyday Independence, we continuously improve our PBS methods and the way we deliver our services. These improvements are based on meeting NDIS safeguards and having a team of compassionate, registered practitioners who are dedicated to improving the lives of those we support. From communicating your needs, making choices, and having more control over your life, expect our team to help you do the things you want, your way.

Our Approach to Positive Behaviour Support

  • NDIS safeguards compliance: Every aspect of our PBS service aligns with NDIS standards, ensuring the highest level of care and ethical practices.
  • Registered practitioners: Our hand-picked team comprises compassionate experts deeply curious about behaviours, prioritising understanding, and an empathetic approach.
  • Eliminating restrictive practices: We’re intent on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by reducing and ultimately eliminating restrictive practices.
  • Practical strategies: We provide practical methods that carers and other supports can use to reduce challenging behaviours. This includes building the capacity of these supports to help achieve outcomes that are important to you.
  • A team approach: Nearly all participants require a variety of therapies to help them realise life goals. We tailor the right team to deliver targeted therapy and support based on the in-depth insights gained, which may include occupational and physiotherapists, speech pathologists, early childhood key workers, and habit coaches (allied health assistants).
  • Positive experiences: We find and embed opportunities in your daily routines that provide deeper connections and improve well-being.
Smiling boy in wheelchair with soft toys

Immediate and Ongoing Support

  1. Interim Behaviour Support Plan (within 30 days): After the initial assessment, we create an interim plan. This interim plan prioritises safety, addresses needs, and outlines strategies to minimise restrictive practices (if used) while enhancing support.
  2. Comprehensive Behaviour Plan (within six months): This in-depth plan involves further assessments and a Functional Behaviour Analysis. The plan and recommended strategies are person-centred and communicated thoroughly to all key carers and providers to foster positive experiences and environments that improve the participant’s quality of living.

Our Commitment

Everyday Independence is dedicated to

  • delivering continuous and individualised support
  • collaborating with carers and other service providers to ensure a unified and holistic approach
  • continuously refining strategies to minimise or eliminate restrictive practices and increase positive outcomes.

At Everyday Independence, we embrace compassion, compliance, and continuous improvement in our PBS strategies.

Funding for Positive Behaviour Support

NDIS participants with Improved Relationships or Behaviour Supports funding in their NDIS plan can access this service.

Get started with Positive Behaviour Support today and expect our team to help you do the things you want, your way.

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