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Neurodiversity-affirming Practice, the Everyday Way

Neurodiversity-affirming practice is very much a strength-based approach for people who fall under the neurodiverse umbrella. It delivers many benefits to NDIS participants and closely aligns with the Everyday Way we deliver our services, where the most impactful way to create positive change is with a team-based, community approach to providing therapy. This helps everyone accept participants’ differences and the responsibility we all have for changing the disabling attitudes and environments that hold people back.  

Neurodiversity-affirming practice combined with delivering therapy in the everyday environments where people live, work, learn, and play contrasts with traditional medical models that perceive neurodiversity as a problem to be fixed rather than accepted and celebrated. 

The latest Speech Pathology Australia Practice guidelines; Working with Autistic People, section 2.2 (2022)’ states that it’s essential for speech pathologists to apply neurodiversity affirmation to their practice. This has resulted in many speech pathologists having to unlearn the knowledge acquired through university, and instead embrace a more contemporary approach of neurodiversity-affirming practice. We’re continually supporting our speech pathologists to undertake professional development in this space to ensure they’re delivering best-practice therapy to our participants.   

In line with the Everyday Way we deliver our services, this framework guides us to use respectful, responsive, and evidence-based therapy. It supports our participants to build a much better life where they can expect more independence, participation, and well-being.  

Jade Telfer, Speech Pathology Clinical Lead 

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