Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)  has become the preferred intervention in the prevention of challenging behaviour in learning disability and mental health services.

We have a behaviour support team made up of passionate and trained Occupational Therapists and Mental Health Nurses skilled in PBS.

We welcomed 13 Mental Health Nurses to the organisation two months ago to work as Behaviour Support Practitioners and have already seen great benefits to the people we support.

Some of the benefits of Mental Health Nurses delivering behaviour support are:

  • Supporting those participants that live with a dual disability; providing strategies that can assist with managing this.
  • Experience in navigating the public health and disability sector to help close the gap of people living with a dual disability.
  • Highly trained in de-escalation strategies and can build the capacity of those to implement the same in their training and implementation of Behaviour Support Plans.
  • Knowledgeable in medications and medication side effects; ensuring the chemical restraints are well managed, safe for use via communication with the treating medical practitioner regarding fade out strategies.

Behaviour support practitioners take a pivotal role in delivering PBS plans and brings together a cohesive team (public system and disability system), working closely with the participant and the other professionals.

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