May 31, 2022

Delivering positive change through a social model of community-based therapy is what the Everyday Independence team has been doing for nearly 25 years. As change-makers, working at the forefront of the disability sector, we are leading the charge for change in our communities.

Harley Hayes is no exception, and joins a stellar cast of Everyday Independence game changers at the OT Exchange on June 9/10 to present his abstract entitled –  Extending the reach and impact of therapy in disability through Habit Coaches. 

This piece of work sets to address the significant therapy workforce shortages across Australia, impacting both the longer-term success of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as well as participant outcomes for those not able to access ongoing support where and when it’s needed.

He says “The Habit Coach program has been built on contemporary evidence-based practice and was introduced to extend the reach and impact of therapy supports. The program supports people living with a disability to access services that achieve participant and inclusion outcomes”.

The introduction of Habit Coaches at Everyday Independence has been a huge success for both participants and therapists alike. Working with Habit Coaches as part of an interdisciplinary model enables us to wrap the right blend of supports around the participant to achieve lasting change and improved outcomes.

We’re hugely proud of this great achievement Harley and can’t wait to hear you share your learnings at the OT Exchange in June.