April 1, 2022

We’re delighted to announce yet another acceptance to the OT Exchange 2022 by Sarah Evans and Hannah Greenwood, who will present their abstract entitled More than the Device: Interdisciplinary Practice in Assistive Technology and Home Modifications.

The premise of this work highlights the role that assistive technology and home modifications play in changing life trajectories, which, when supported by an interdisciplinary model of therapy can lead to improved outcomes for people with disabilities.

Sarah and Hannah have many decades of combined experience in assistive technology and home modifications and wanted to further explore service improvement to create better outcomes and increase participant engagement at all points in the process.

The role that Sarah and Hannah play in exploring how we can make a bigger impact and continually strive for better outcomes for our clients is truly valued at Everyday Independence. We’re incredibly excited to hear them speak about their learnings from this valuable piece of work on June 9 and 10  June in Melbourne.

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