August 21, 2019

When a person needs more than one type of therapy, the common approach is for each therapist to meet with them, conduct their own assessment and develop their own plan.  This means multiple assessment and the plans may not work all together. We do things differently.

At Everyday Independence, when a person needs more than one type of therapy, our therapists work together as a therapy team to ensure that the person and their supports are getting the best outcomes, in a coordinated way.

A single assessment makes sense

One of the therapists will lead the assessment of the person to identify the specific areas that they need support in.  This helps the therapy team to get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not for the person, what success look like for them, and their strengths and challenges.

The assessment provides an opportunity for the person to share with the therapy team what they want to achieve, what’s important to them, and what their priorities are.   They share this just once at the start, before any therapy begins.

Developing a therapy plan

Once the assessment has been completed, the lead therapist co-ordinates development of a therapy plan.

The therapy plan is essentially a road map of the therapy support and services that the therapists will provide.

The lead therapist coordinates the plan to ensure the person and their supports are receiving the right therapy services at the right time.

Supporting the person’s changes needs

As a person’s goals and situation can evolve over time, the lead therapist regularly checks in with the person to ensure that they are getting the therapy supports needed to achieve their goals.

Sometimes, a person needs a different therapy support to the one that they started with as their independence grows, or they may need more of one therapy less of another throughout their plan.

By reviewing our therapy services with the person and their supports, we can make any adjustments needed to ensure that the person is maximise their therapy outcomes, while staying within their plan.

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