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New Graduate Program Q&A #4

Curious about billable hours and KPI targets for new graduates?

FAQ #4 – What are My Billable Hours/KPIs?

Research indicates the importance of hands-on experience for new grads to develop skills and confidence. 

While there’s no billable hours in the first week, in weeks two to three, they incrementally rise from 16 to 20 hours. This is designed to directly relate to the progression of your learning. 

Then from week four until the end of six months, billable hours increase to 24 per week, then to 25 hours per week from months seven to 12. Upon completing the 12-month program, you’ll transition to billing 26 hours of highly impactful, game-changing therapy each week, which is around three participants each day. 

Graduate Program Online Event

Join us online on 5 June to learn about our 12-month Flying Start Graduate Program and the supports we’ll provide you.

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