A speech pathologist can support you with issues involved in swallowing or eating.

We will visit you during mealtimes, working with you on support and strategies may help you to be safe and enjoy your meals.
Children or adults who might benefit from this type of support include people who:

  • have had a stroke,
  • have weakness on one side or overall musculature weakness,
  • are coughing while eating or drinking,
  • have a history of chest infections,
  • want to be more independent with their mealtimes
  • want to try a greater variety of foods.

Everyday Independence speech pathologists can also work with our occupational therapists at mealtimes to look at behaviours and sensory needs that may be impacting on your enjoyment of your mealtime, as well as looking at equipment that would support you to eat or drink more independently.

This type of support could increase your safety and independence during mealtimes. It can also help improve your enjoyment and social inclusion.