Speech Pathologists can work with you across any environment where you have trouble communicating with those around you, or where others experience difficulties communicating with you.

We can provide both formal standardised testing, in which your strengths and weaknesses are assessed in comparison to your peers, as well as informal testing that assesses your communication skills in relation to where you are at currently, and where you would like to be. Both types of assessment are equally important and valid, and sometimes we will do both.

Speech Pathologists can support you to express yourself and be understood better by those in your environment. Some things we might do to support you could be: individual therapy, group therapy, and working with those around you to develop their skills to better support you.

People who benefit from this kind of support are those who:

  • would like to be more independent when communicating with others,
  • would like to reduce the frustration they may experience when others don’t understand them,
  • would like to develop their relationships with those around them,
  • would like to be more included and independent in society.
  • are looking for work and need support to improve their communication.

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