Speech Pathologists can support you to access and use tools that will assist you to better communicate. This is known as communication technology or augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It includes things like key word sign, pictures, communication devices like PODD or NovaChat, communication books, and many other types of devices.

People who benefit from using communication technology are those who:

  • experience daily difficulties communicating their needs and wants to others,
  • experience frustration due to others not understanding them,
  • experience social exclusion because they can only be understood by a few people
  • require someone to interpret what they are trying to communicate

Communication technology is also very useful to support those who are developing their communication skills, but are not quite where they need to be to be independent. This includes people of all ages from young children learning to talk through to adults who have a disability or are recovering from injury or illness.

Communication technology can support the development of your communication skills, can increase your social inclusion and independence, and can reduce your levels of frustration around communicating. It can also reduce your vulnerability in society by providing you with a voice.

Our therapists keep up to date with the ever-changing developments in communication technology and can provide advice and guidance to find solutions that will meet your individual needs. We can also prepare reports for relevant funding bodies where required.

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