Our highly experienced occupational therapy team in Adelaide will come to you and provide tailored therapy support to help you to achieve outcomes that are important to you.  Our team supports children and adults to build their skills and confidence to take on the world around them.

We help you stretch your NDIS therapy budget further by using evidence-based therapies that are proven to work so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

If you need more than one therapy, our occupational therapists will work with all your Everyday Independence therapists to plan and provide your therapy support at the right time so you can achieve your goals faster.

We firmly believe that great things can happen when people have access to the right supports.

How can occupational therapy support me?

You can access occupational therapy services to support you with:

  • Building independence
  • Assistive technology
  • Sensory profiling
  • Social skills and friendships
  • Learning support
  • Developing hobbies and interests
  • Home modifications
  • Safe and accessible environments
  • Wheelchairs and seating
  • Employment
  • Behaviour support

Depending on your goals and your unique situation your occupational therapist will work with you on a range of therapy initiatives that will support you to do things more easily and safely. These could include:

  • Prescribing devices to help you do the activities you want and need. We will make sure you can use the device in the best way to meet your needs.
  • Recommending changes to your environment, such as your home or workplace so you can do more things independently or make it easier for people to assist you.
  • Develop a profile of your abilities and areas where you need assistance to put together a “support plan” for the people who assist you. This will include how you need to be assisted when and where; and making sure that you have the opportunity to give things a go, have your say and be involved.
  • Devising a program to improve a specific ability or skill including being more independent, like using public transport or managing your own behaviour so you can better interact with others.
  • Building the skills of your support network so they can support you to achieve your goals.

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Areas we support

We currently provide therapy services to people living in most suburbs within metro Adelaide.  This includes up to Elizabeth in the north, the foothills in the east, and down to the McLaren Vale.

We also offer therapy appointments in our Mile End therapy hub.

Are you looking for occupational therapy support for a young child?

We provide children aged under seven years with therapy support through our early intervention services. We use a Key Worker model which is considered by the NDIS to be the best practice for providing early childhood intervention.

If needed, your Early Childhood Key Worker will arrange support from an occupational therapist to help your child to achieve their goals.

Limited offer

With current availability, we’re able to offer up to five occupational therapy sessions within four weeks for new clients. Book your appointments at the times that best suit you and get started on your therapy sooner.

Our occupational therapists are available to support new clients!

Why Choose Everyday Independence?

Our team works harder to remove the barriers that are getting in the way of achieving your goals.

We'll build your skills and confidence to help you take on the world around you and participate more in everyday life.

We'll come to you to deliver therapy services in the places you spend your time. This includes your home, work, school, or other places in the community. We also offer telehealth.

We work with your support network such as family, teachers, employers, and support workers to build their skills to help you achieve your goals.

We've been supporting people with disabilities for more than 24 years. We've been an accredited NDIS therapy provider since 2013.

We put you at the centre of your therapy, providing tailored support to help you achieve outcomes that are important to you.

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Please complete an online form and we’ll be in touch with further details regarding when our team will commence delivering early childhood intervention services.

Need more information?

Read our everyday life stories to learn more about how our occupational therapy services have helped people achieve their goals.