Julie is a people person but was finding it harder to stay connected to those she loved.  With the help from her Everyday Independence occupational therapist and physiotherapist and a new mobility scooter, Julie is now getting out and about with friends and family and living the life she always knew she had.

Julie suffers from advanced breast cancer and lung conditions which make breathing difficult. She becomes exhausted quickly and needs to rest frequently when walking. This has significantly reduced Julie’s mobility, making it difficult to visit many places or enjoy activities she once enjoyed.

After listening to what was important to Julie, her Physiotherapist Tara, developed a tailored exercise plan which she practiced in her daily routine. Tara also worked with Julie’s husband to find ways he could help to achieve her goals while continuing to provide support when she needed it.

Julie’s Occupational Therapist, Sarah, prescribed low-tech aids like to help Julie work around tasks she was finding challenging to do on her own.  Sarah also prescribed a mobility scooter to make it easier and less stressful for Julie to access the places she wanted to go.

And boy have things started changed for Julie! She can now get to the shops independently and no longer restricted in the places she visits. She can watch her grandchildren at swimming lessons and go to the park with her family without worrying about whether there will be a seat for her to sit and rest.

“Being able to do the things you want to do in life is so important. Seeing Julie be able to connect more with her family and friends and enjoy social engagements has been so exciting to see.  Her face lights up when she talks about what she has done”, said Tara. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Julie and I look forward to seeing her continue to explore new places”.

Everyday Independence provides therapy in the places where people live, work, learn and play. We know that people like Julie develop and grow when they are engaged in therapies that are relevant to them.

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