Sometimes a person living with a disability responds to their environment or communicates their needs by using behaviours that challenge.

These behaviours can lead to frustration, fractured relationships, and the use of reactive practices by others in an attempt to stop the behaviours. Positive Behaviour Support can change this.

Positive Behaviour Support focusses on your quality of life and supports you by building new support strategies, skills and behaviours to meet your needs and goals.

Your Everyday Independence Behaviour Support Practitioner

  • Works with you to create a vision for a life with positive interactions, activities and experiences.
  • Works in partnership with you and the important people in your life.
  • Builds an understanding of you and the things that will create a enable environment for you.
  • Will see restriction as a last resort as everyone should live a good, everyday life, and this means without restriction.

If you are living with a disability, it is possible that you have experienced some form of restriction. Whether it is restricted access to what you want or own, medication prescribed without your consent, locked rooms or cupboards, etc.

In Positive Behaviour Support, we seek to minimise or end restrictive practices wherever safe and possible in collaboration with your team.

We can support you to enhance your quality of life and reduce behaviours that challenge.

Positive Behaviour Support Plan

Our therapist will develop a Positive Behaviour Support Plan for you. The Positive Behaviour Support Plan is developed by your Behaviour Support Practitioner with input from you and the trusted people in your life. It includes strategies to keep you and everyone safe. It is important that this plan is shared with the people who support you and it is reviewed and updated regularly.

We work with you and your supports

We know that the best support occurs when people understand your needs and your Positive Behaviour Support Plan assists in this. We connect and work alongside all the people who support you and encourage them to assist you to build your skills in communication, making choices and spending time doing what you enjoy. This includes working closely with your other therapists.

Contact us

To find out more about how we can support you with Positive Behaviour Support, you can make an enquiry by clicking here or by calling 1300 179 131 to speak to our team about your needs and goals.