Research indicates that changes in memory, thinking, concentration and decision-making are common with ageing and that people often experience challenges with those abilities that effect their quality of life and independence as they get older. These changes can interfere with a person’s ability to continue with daily routines, work, hobbies and some of the important roles that he or she undertakes. These roles may include grand-parenting or volunteer work.

People with mild cognitive impairment often report that over time they have restricted the places that they go, the times that they leave their home and how often they socialise. People will often state that their lives become “smaller” and this makes them feel lonely, bored, nervous or depressed.

We offer a range of therapy services including an early intervention program to assist a person with mild cognitive impairment to continue to function in everyday life and plan for the future. The four session SMART Advance program includes assessment, education, strategies and future planning.

We recognise that everyone is different, therefore we customise our four session program to ensure your needs are met. With our flexible approach we make it easy for you, your families, carers and other treating practitioners to access the support they need in the environment where it is most effective, including your home or within your community.

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