Positive Behaviour Support

Teenagers experience a range of emotions and express themselves in many different ways as they grow up. Most people and teenagers at some point in their life will engage in behaviours that challenge and it will be through Positive Behaviour Support that the reason for the behaviour occurring can be better understood.

Getting support from an experienced and qualified person who understands these behaviours in a supportive environment is a good way for both you and your teenagers to learn new strategies and skills. It’s important that you and their carers provide support while your teenager is growing up and gaining their independence.

Everyday Independence therapists are qualified and experienced in supporting young people and their families to better manage and overcome behaviours that can limit their and their family’s abilities to live a good everyday life. This behaviour is often referred to as “challenging” because it challenges everyone who supports the person to understand why it is happening and to work together to find a solution.

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Positive Behaviour Support Plan

Our therapist will develop a Positive Behaviour Support Plan for your teenager. Their Positive Behaviour Support plan is developed by their Behaviour Support Practitioner with input from your teenager, yourself, and the trusted people in their life.

It includes strategies to keep them and everyone safe. It is important that this plan is shared with the people who support them and it is reviewed and updated regularly.

We work with you, your teenager and their supports

We know that the best support occurs when people understand your teenager’s needs and their Positive Behaviour Support Plan assists in this. We connect and work alongside all the people who support your teenager and encourage them to assist you to build their skills in communication, making choices and spending time doing what they enjoy. This includes working closely with their other therapists.

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