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Small Shifts Reap Big Benefits in Communication

Tim is an active, driven, and enthusiastic 24-year-old. He is an avid storyteller and loves to reminisce fond memories with family and friends. He’s been working with an Everyday Independence speech pathologist, occupational therapist and habit coach for over two years and has recently reached several milestones he’s proud of.

Tim came to us for support to build his communication skills so that he could be less reliant on his family to communicate on his behalf. He uses a mix of Proloquo2go (an iPad communication App) and self-made hand signals to communicate. However, his Proloquo2go vocabulary was limited, and those closest to him only recognised his hand signals. Tim’s family often translated for him in public settings, or he could not share his stories in the detail he wanted; this left him feeling disconnected and deflated.

Speech Pathologist Caitlin immediately began to work on building Tim’s Proloquo2go vocabulary. They added new sentences and descriptive words and worked directly on his ability to add words himself, greatly increasing his independence and ability to share his stories with the detail and vivid nature he’s long desired.

Hand Signals Make Communicating Easier

Caitlin also worked with Tim, his family, and support workers on transitioning to more widely recognised hand signals. This small shift significantly increased his ability to communicate with gestures recognised and understood in the community. This also meant Tim greatly enjoyed his time in his community and could actively communicate in cafes and restaurants. When asked about her journey with Tim, Caitlin said:

I felt very happy, excited, and grateful to be able to support Tim in achieving these goals. Tim has worked very hard to achieve his outcomes, and now it is so rewarding that I was able to be part of that journey.

Caitlin, Speech Pathologist

Tim’s Confidence Increases

In no time at all, Tim’s confidence increased, and with it came a new sense of enjoyment and belonging in his community.
Tim proudly begins every appointment with Caitlin with a new sentence he learned in their last meeting. Caitlin and his family are always excited to celebrate these milestones with Tim and see the sky as his only limit now.

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