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Nanette’s Career Takes off

My time at Everyday Independence has seen continuous development in my career and as a person. I started with Everyday Independence as a South African OT who felt like I was out of my depth in a new country, with no family or friends to support me through the changes. I was lucky to start in a small hub with an unbelievable team of therapists and support staff who went out of their way to make me feel welcome and included.

Get the Right Support and Thrive in Your Career

Once I found my feet (with lots and lots of support) working in the social model as an OT, I stepped into a Team Leader role at my hub. Once again, I had the whole team backing me with this new challenge. The opportunity then arose to take a team leader role in Brisbane. I packed up my life again and made the move to a new state. I joined a new team who were just as supportive and welcoming.

After about 10 months as a Team Leader in Brisbane, another exciting opportunity came across my path, and I moved into a new role as Area Lead, with responsibility for a larger team.

I am currently working as the Area Lead for Greater Brisbane and am loving this new challenge. I have since completed my masters degree in OT, along with additional internal training at Everyday Independence to improve my skills and support my professional development.

Embrace Change and Create a Better life

Throughout my two years, I have been supported by team members and the leadership team to take on new challenges and to take learnings from my mistakes. I’ve learned that it’s okay to find the changes challenging, but that change is inevitable and good because it leads to new horizons and amazing adventures in my professional and personal life.

Thank you, Everyday Independence, for changing my life.

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