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Charlotte Balances Meaningful Work with Australian Beach Life

One of the main things that appealed to me about moving to Australia was the idea of balancing work that I love to do with a life spent in the beautiful outdoors. I loved the idea of spending Sunday on a beach and then I’d be back to work on Monday.

It always feels like you are on holiday when the sun is shining and the beach is on your doorstep. Being able to work flexibly and having ownership of my calendar has meant I can have Friday afternoons off and take long weekends to enjoy Australia.

Make a Bigger Impact as a Social Model Practitioner

Of all the options I considered, it was the chance to work in the social model that really appealed to me. The idea of applying all the medical knowledge I had gained through my experience in the UK and applying that in a more social way really appealed to me.

I have been inspired by the drive at Everyday Independence to create more inclusivity for people living with a disability. By working in a range of settings to make therapy part of someone’s everyday life, they can continue to thrive and be an inclusive member of their community, and this really struck me as golden!

Practical Support to get you Here and on Your Feet

Everyday Independence provided me with open communication channels to easily ask questions and get information regarding relocation. The responses were detailed and quick which really helped my planning.

The financial support with flights and accommodation costs for the first month really helped put my mind at ease around the costs involved in relocating.

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