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Leigh Connects with her Community

Meet Leigh, one of our wonderful NDIS participants. Leigh loves music, with ABBA understandably taking the cake as her favourite! Leigh has Fragile X Syndrome (Premutation) and bipolar disorder. An Everyday Independence therapy team has supported Leigh since 2020 to improve her mental health and feeling of disconnection from the community.

Leigh wanted to increase her participation in the community, build on her social skills and have greater opportunities for independent choice and control.

Leigh floats on a noodle inside the swimming pool

Finding Meaningful Activities

A therapy team including Occupational Therapist Ava, and Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner Ivane are working together to support Leigh. She has a Positive Behaviour Support Plan and the therapy team is working closely with Leigh’s family and other supports so they, too, could support Leigh in achieving her goals.

Ava and Ivane felt it was important to identify some meaningful activities for Leigh. Leigh’s supportive family mentioned that she grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, and they found the perfect outing – a visit to Farm Stay Bendigo.

Since then, Leigh has been visiting Farm Stay regularly. She feels calm, happy and right at home there. Given her positive response to this environment, Ava and Ivane have included pet therapy into Leigh’s routine. They continued exploring other meaningful activity options for Leigh and are currently supporting her take up swimming. Ava noted that Leigh has chosen some beautiful floral bathers for when she begins swimming!

The fun for Leigh doesn’t end there – she recently embarked on trips to Apollo Bay and Ararat, and the highlight was undoubtedly her attendance at the Jailhouse Rock Music Festival. We are delighted that Leigh had the opportunity to take part in such a fulfilling activity, especially considering her deep love for music.

Ava, Ivane and Leigh’s family feel she’s made amazing progress, including regulating her emotions and engaging in community activities independently. There’s been a correlation between Leigh’s improved mental health and increased participation in these activities.

Ivane is so proud to have played a part in Leigh’s journey saying:

It has been an absolute privilege to see Leigh grow.

Ivane, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

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