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Eden Finds Her Voice

Five-year-old Eden loves music, singing, playing her drums and anything Disney! She’s also started to enjoy cooking alongside her mum, Melissa.

Eden has some limitations with her communication, and this has led to some frustrations, affecting her behaviour and relationships. It was clear to her mum that she needed assistance expressing her emotions.

Eden’s Therapy Team Support

Melissa accessed Everyday Independence’s early childhood supports (early childhood intervention) to help Eden build the daily skills she needs to reach her full potential.

Speech Pathologist Stephanie worked closely alongside Key Worker Kate to determine how they could best support Eden’s communication development. Together they developed a focused plan that began with Kate supporting Melissa to use core words, a language support mobile app. Kate applied a creative approach to sessions – bringing ideas, songs, stories, games and routines to assist Eden’s understanding of the core word of the week. Kate would teach Eden and Melissa a Key Word Sign and provide a visual to further demonstrate its meaning. This inspired Melissa to develop her own visuals for Eden and continue her learning between sessions.

Melissa also had some concerns about Eden’s physical movement. Physiotherapist Bec visited Eden’s kindergarten with Kate to best understand these concerns to observe and assess Eden’s movements in her everyday environment. Following the assessments made by Bec, she was happy to report back to Melissa and reassure her that Eden’s physical development was on track.

Eden’s Progress

Since seeking therapy, Eden’s verbal communication has improved significantly – she is now commenting and voicing her needs independently. She’s happier and more engaged in her daily routine, and her behaviour is more regulated.

Working with Melissa to implement these strategies has empowered her to support Eden between sessions. Eden’s progress is evidence of the benefits of the social model and the focus on skill and confidence building in a person’s everyday environment.

Eden loves her therapy sessions and recently commented at the end of a session with Kate.

I had fun with Kate and Candy Cat.


The therapy team is proud of Eden’s progress and her mum, Melissa’s initiatives. Eden was supported to achieve her goals, and Melissa is now nailing her communication with her daughter. Bringing the right therapy team together has meant that all aspects of Eden’s needs were met, and she could achieve her goals sooner!

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