Omar is a 54-year-old man living with a disability caused by a stroke. He lives with his wife, Mona in an apartment on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Omar spent years of his life travelling and playing soccer, and this passion to explore and be a part of his local community still burns brightly in him. His determination to get out and kick a football in the park, and watch others enjoy the game he loves became a key aspect of his goals. He is keen to increase his own capacity and gain more independence to reduce the support required from his family.

To support Omar with his therapy goals, his Everyday Independence team included an OT, a Physio, and a Habit Coach. Habit Coach, Candis has had the biggest impact on Omar’s therapy journey, being his regular contact and champion.

“Candis has built a fantastic relationship with Omar. Working together with his wife Mona and Support Worker, George, they have been able to maintain his positive outlook and keep him motivated to achieve his goals.” Bentley Grattan, Omar’s Physiotherapist said.

Building the skills and confidence of his key supports, and adopting innovative tools has ensured that Omar was well supported to progress his therapy in between his sessions. With the help of Theratrak, a digital therapy monitoring tool that allows therapists to implement habit building routines using videos, reminders and rewards, Omar has kept up his motivation and practice.

“Omar is well on track to achieving his goals. His confidence and skills have grown, and so has his supports’.  He feels well guided through this journey.

At the end of our second session, Omar took my hand to shake it, and placed his left hand on top of mine, looked me in the eyes, and said earnestly, “Thank you Bentley”. Although I am accustomed to our everyday moments, the sincerity in his eyes told me so much more about what we do”, Bentley said.

Fast forward to seven months later, and Bentley has provided a great update on how Omar is progressing. Omar and his team have been working to integrate his new wheelchair into his daily routine – both at home and in the community.  

Omar’s home has had some purpose-built modifications including a newly installed deck and ramp to give him easier access to go outside and water his plants.  

With the support from his Habit Coach, Omar is now participating more in community life and in everyday hobbies. He regularly goes to the dog park, to cafes and the local park to play wheelchair-friendly soccer.  

Omar has also begun hydrotherapy and has participated in two sessions alongside Bentley so far. Hydrotherapy will work towards improving Omar’s strength, coordination and endurance, which in turn, will help him participate in self-care and physical activity.  

Beyond that, Bentley made note of how hydrotherapy will further improve Omar’s life; “Hydrotherapy makes Omar believe that he can do things he once thought otherwise. It’s more than just a physical activity, it’s a mindset shift for Omar.” 

Go Omar! We love watching you thrive along your therapy journey and kick those goals! 

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