Prakash, a physiotherapist from Everyday Independence has been supporting BoReh to increase his mobility so he could feel more confident, enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and get back to the community activities he loves. Over 10 years ago BoReh suffered a permanent knee injury that affected his ability to walk without pain and to make the most of life.


While waiting for his new manual wheelchair to be approved by the NDIS and with increasing back pain, BoReh began feeling isolated and disconnected as he wasn’t able to get involved in the social and community activities that he enjoyed.

Prakesh knew there was a simple way to help BoReh. So, he used the Everyday Magic program and purchased a foldable footstool and rollator walker frame for BoReh to use at home and outdoors.

“The footstool helps BoReh to rest his knee when sitting down which reduces his back pain and is light enough so he can carry it with him at home and out in the community”, said Prakash.

“BoReh found walking outdoors and on uneven surfaces with crutches particularly challenging so I knew the rollator walker frame would help. Now he’s able to walk longer distances and feels safer and more stable on uneven surfaces,” he said.

With his new-found confidence and increased mobility, BoReh can now attend his regular doctor’s appointments and is enjoying visiting the local shops and attending church services with his family.

The Everyday Independence Everyday Magic Program empowers our passionate therapists to purchase small but impactful items to make it easier for our participants to reach their goals and enjoy an everyday life.