Sondra has a ‘can do’ attitude, is incredibly independent and loves new experiences and challenging herself. She leads a super busy life and after recently retiring from full-time work is now an advocate for people with disability. Sondra also lives with a sight impairment, so when she moved out of her parent’s home into her own home, it was a very special moment.

Sondra’s dream has always been to live independently. She just didn’t know where to start. With support from Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist Ally, Sondra recently moved into her dream home and is loving life more than ever.

Ally helped Sondra prepare for her big move and find specialist housing that would suit her needs. After looking at several options, Sondra found a place that ‘felt like home’.

Ally then set about helping Sondra to build her everyday skills so that she could manage day to day living such as cooking more complex meals by herself confidently and safely,  cleaning the house, and do the laundry.

Sondra was also actively involved in the preparations to get ready to move into her new home. She explored low-cost assistive technology options to help her at home including voice doorbells, Google home reminders, and talking kitchen aids to name a few.

Recently Ally and another Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist, Brooke had the pleasure of visiting Sondra recently at her new home. Brooke will now work with Sondra so she can move around her new home and environments safely and enjoy her new level of autonomy.

Occupational Therapist Ally said, “It’s been an absolute pleasure supporting Sondra to achieve her vision of living independently and owning her own home. Being part of Sondra’s journey to move out of home and live with independence has been incredibly rewarding. We can’t wait to see Sondra discover new places and have fun new experiences in her community.”

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